4,800 Rural People Life Changed

4,800 Rural People Life Changed

Water is essential for life, health and human dignity. In extreme situations, there may not be sufficient water available to meet basic needs, and in these cases supplying a survival level of safe drinking water is of critical importance. In most cases, the main health problems are caused by poor hygiene due to insufficient water and by the consumption of contaminated water.

To alleviate the above mentioned problems, providing safe and potable water supply to the rural population of Tigray region is one key strategic objective of DOW.

With the financial support of the Japan Embassy in FDRE a number of activities related to Rural Water Supply, Hygiene & Sanitation were implemented to address the substantial problem of clean water, hygiene and sanitation services for 4,797 rural people, especially children and women at large found in Enderta and Kilte-Awlaelo Woreda of Tigray Region.

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On Oct 1st and 2nd, With generous support of the Japan embassy and together with its implementing partner REST , DOW inaugurated 11 New Shallow Boreholes and 1 Hand dug well which provides clean water, and became the reason for almost 4800 rural people life changed. We celebrated the day with great joy along with the community.

Coming up inauguration of Five water wells :

On Oct 26th and 27th 2014. We kindly invite you all to be part of the celebration!

By means of Safe water we give life!

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