Construction of Water Wells

DOW aims to achieve the following through construction of water points:

–         Access to improved water supplies and sanitation facilities

–         Improved hygiene practices such as hand washing which targets child mortality  rate reduction

–         Achieving universal primary education

–         Prevent water borne disease

–         Promote gender equality and empower women




The problem of clean water supply and sanitation in rural parts of Ethiopia are wide spread and still major source of infectious and non-infectious diseases. In recognition of the deficit on water supply and sanitation and hygiene, the project intends to implement water supply and sanitation projects to the rural people at their nearest vicinity.

For instance, by December 2015 DoW has constructed its 26th water point in different locations of “Enderta Wereda/Tigray region” composed of Hand Dug Wells and Shallow Borehole through the financial support obtained from individuals, organizations and companies from all over the world. Accordingly, more than 16,000 people situated in these project areas has benefited from access to clean drinking water supply.

Goal of the project

To contribute to the eradication of poverty and improve clean water coverage through the provision of potable water which will subsequently improve the status of women in the household, girl’s education and reduced morbidity that caused by preventable water borne diseases.