Kids holding HfDW now DoW logo Drop of water – Dow (formerly known as HfDW – Help for Drop of Water) is a legally registered nongovernmental organization established by group of former seven female Mekelle university students in Ethiopia. These girls were inspired to form a humanitarian organization after seeing the successful efforts of REST that has made significant difference in supplying water in rural community of Tigray; and meeting one of the top Hollywood’s movie star MATT DAMON visit to a charity water project on April 2009.

Since then these passionate and dedicated young women achieved what seemed impossible in the minds of the hopeless. Because of their relentless effort up to now 2015, they have constructed more than 26 water points which are providing clean water service for  thousands rural Enderta province  families. And also with the support received from Japan embassy , IEGDS(Institute of Environment , Gender and Development studies) and other private donors, in partnership with REST, DoW is on the process of finalizing more clean water wells which will quench the thirst of more people in rural parts of Ethiopia.


Founders at the inauguration of first water well

Hermella, the founder and president, has shown nonstop determination, committed and innovation in leading this organization. She has the ambition to continue her engagement with the youth (university students) and be one of the most promising leaders of the continent.

Currently Drop of Water has signed project agreements with WHO (World Health Organization) and NCA (Norwegian Church Aid) on “Water Safety Planning (WSP)” for small community water supplies in rural parts of Ethiopia. DoW strives to expand the number of communities covered in such projects especially in southern part of Ethiopia. Today their compassionate wing of helping others stretches more widely than ever constituting thousands of members from different walks of life but mainly dominated by students and young people who are passionate to restore the legacy of Ethiopia. The dream of our foundation is to help the forgotten parts of our communities – the poor and uneducated.

This task is our responsibility since we are leading change agents in the country. This Ethiopian university student’s initiated organization believes that university students’ power and participation in developmental issue of their community is a great exposure, honor, privilege and moral obligation, something to give back to their community.

DoW follows the following strategies to fulfill its mission:

  • Promotion and campaign within local universities
  • Networking and information sharing among university students
  • Creating partnership with different funding agencies, NGOs, government offices the private sector, foreign donors and citizens of Ethiopia

Finally, we would like to be the change we want to see. As such, we strive to fulfill the promises that we put on our mandate as a non-for-profit organization.

The founders with Matt Damon, in 2009


Water is the best of all things !
If there is magic in this planet, it is contained in water !