How do we solve the water problem? 

DoW strongly believes the solution to the water problem is constructing infrastructure to extract water from subsoil and advocating sanitation. DoW works closely with local partners to build water wells and provide continues support to rural communities.

The process: Solving a water problem starts with identifying areas that are desperately in need of clean water supply.

How DoW choose location: After receiving water well construction Requisition from Government Responsible Body (Local Administration/Woredas), DOW works closely with local partners to conduct feasibility study on the location and type of technology to be used.

Continuous Support – DoW maintains a continuous relationship with the communities benefited from a water point to ensure the project achieved its intended purpose. We provide educational training on Water Safety Planning (WSP) which is a step by step approach to identify, prioritize and manage risks to drinking water safety and its management to protect drinking-water quality before problem occurs.





Techniques Used

  • Shallow Borehole
  • Hand dug wells


Other options that can be used:

–       Piped Systems

–       Water Purification Systems

–       Spring Protections