Sponsor a Water Project

Sponsor a Water Project

Sponsor a water project and change the lives of many people around rural parts of Ethiopia. Results of clean water supply:

–          Girls can attend school

–          Women have enough time to take care of their household

–          Healthier infants and children

–          Improves sanitation preventing waterborne diseases

–          Economic development as communities focus on production/farming

Facts about a Water Project

–          Exact cost of a water project depends on the type of technology used and project area

–          On average a water project reaches more than 1,250 people (small rural villages have up to 250 households each with average of five members)

How DoW does it

–          Identifying project area (takes 1 month)

–          Conduct a feasibility study with local partners (takes from 1 – 2 months)

–          Implementation of the water project (takes 1 month)


–          We will send you three reports attached with pictures directly from the field.

1) Initial stage report when the area is chosen

2) Progress report during project implementation stage

3) Completion report when the project is completed



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