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Drop of water would not be possible without these wonderful people.

Hermella Wondimu

Co-Founder, President
Hermella Wondimu holds a BSC in Civil Engineering from Mekele University (Ethiopia). In 2009, she came to learn that due to lack of clean water supply many children die before reaching the age of five and women toil in hardship fetching water from long distances in rural parts of Ethiopia. This news has shifted her career direction and led her to entirely dedicate her life in providing clean water. Since then Hermella Wondimu has gained a lot of experience working with rural communities in Ethiopia focusing on provision of clean water supply, hygiene and sanitation promotion. She is the Co-Founder and President of Drop of Water. Hermella, through promoting voluntarism and raising funds within her University campus managed to quench the thirsts of 6,250 people in northern part of Ethiopia via building five water wells. She is currently overseeing the construction of 20 clean water-wells to be completed in 2014.

Elfaz Kassa 

Programme Head, DoW

Elfaz graduated from Mekelle University in 2011 with BSC of Heritage Conservation. After deciding to pursue his second BSC degree in Management, Elfaz started volunteering for DoW while in Mekelle University. Here in DoW, he said he founded his true calling. With the Management knowledge he was able to expand the organization structure, professionally interact with people and generally improve his leadership skill for the sake of DoW. Elfaz has been working tirelessly ever since to help DoW grow into a leading University student volunteer based organization that successfully provides potable water, adequate sanitation and hygiene to each developing African country.









Leul Dereje 

President, DoW Mekelle

has a BSC in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University where DoW has its roots, Mekelle University. He enjoys volunteering and serving his community in many ways. He first joined DoW in 2011, bought his membership card and started to participate in events and programs. Due to his exceptional performance and commitment, he became the Media and Communication chairperson for DoW Mekelle University in 2011. He is currently serving as the president of DoW Mekelle University and looks forward to work harder in achieving DoW’s vision and mission for a better future in Ethiopia.









Our wonderful volunteers that help make Drop of Water possible.

University Students

A special thank you to all the university students who dedicated their summer into helping Drop of Water provide drinking water in Ethiopia. You guys rock!

International Volunteers

A special thank you to all the international volunteers around the world who dedicated a portion of their spare time towards helping Drop of Water provide drinking water in Ethiopia. Drop of water would not be possible without all your help!


Our wonderful partners that help make Drop of Water possible.

Eternal Media and Promotion

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Diplomatic Spouses’ Group Ethiopia

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Rahel Jimma

Rahel Jimma holds a BA in Economics from University of Alberta (Canada). She joined Drop of Water in 2012 after a brief introduction to Hermella and DoW. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Rahel was looking for the perfect opportunity to give back to the community she came from. Rahel says “what makes DoW different is that it was founded by young Ethiopian girl who has seen the problem first hand; this helps motivate the youth to participate and find solution to the water problem”. Rahel worked at various community based organizations in Canada as a volunteer and brings her international non-profit expertise to Drop of Water.