Start a Fundraiser

Start a Fundraiser

Give clean water in rural parts of Ethiopia and change the lives of many.

There are so many events such as birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, etc we can donate towards clean water projects.

How it works
1)     Sign up – Donate a Birthday

  • Donate a Grad Party
  • Donate a Wedding

2)     Start a Campaign – We will help you set up your campaign page

3)     Give people Clean Water

Our Most Recent Inspiring Donor Stories


Meron pledged her birthday to raise money for clean water projects at DoW this year.

Achieved – over $3,000 USD

How ? – Through crowd funding campaign page

Why ?

In her own words : I believe in what DoW stands for – Providing clean drinking water to all. Having seen the water problem in Ethiopia, I am always looking for opportunities to make a difference. Knowing Hermella (Co-Founder of DoW) and what they have been doing the past few years inspired me to donate my birthday and raise over $3,200 USD.

I have had birthday parties before, but what made this year so special is, knowing that I am helping someone get clean drinking water in Northern part of Ethiopia, helping a girl go to school or a mother carry water for less distance.  This gives me the greatest pleasure.

I am looking forward to work with DoW in the years to come.


Robel heard about DoW a few months ago and he promised to sponsor a water project.

He surprised our team with $5000 USD donation in January 2014.

Why ?

In his own words : I am very passionate about setting goals…and in the past years, my goals were all focused on me. It was always about my career, my business, etc. But this year, I have decided to change my priority and put others first and change someone’s life somewhere for good. Then, I learned about DoW through a friend at that very moment which all worked out perfectly. I decided to contribute, because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO. We all have responsibility to our fellow citizens to have equal access to clean drinking water, education for young girls, and kids to live past the age of 5. It is the RIGHT THING TO DO for all of us to support NGO’s like Drop of Water.

As Gandhi put it nicely, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” ; I encourage my friends and colleagues to support DoW and render yourselves for the service of others who are in need.