DoW's Volunteer Appreciation

Abel Asrat

If there is one person who is never afraid to speak his mind, it’s this young man Abel Asrat. He is a person who fully commits himself to the things he believes and luckily he believed in the cause of Drop of Water. As a Mechanical engineering student at Mekelle University, Abel first heard about Drop of Water through two of his friends. During that time, the founders were about to graduate and they needed students to continue working on the cause in their absence. Abel took the initiative and became the chairperson.

As the chairperson, he worked on spreading the word about DoW. They started with the Medicine and Business campus there in Mekelle University. As more and more people became aware of the cause their teams momentum grew. They promoted DoW on nation and nationalities day and also showed films to fundraise. Abel was also the one that brought the idea of AAC(aware, activate, create) which is still being used as an essential element for the work of DoW.

Abel says that the two things that drew his attention to DoW were Hermella’s perseverance and also the things he felt after attending his first water well inauguration. He knew that this was a cause worth supporting and so he didn’t hold back. Even after graduation, Able still helps in all the ways that he can. He is a person who has a unique perspective on things and one who will work to make a change on a small and large scale.

We truly appreciate the contribution he has made for DoW and wish him success in all his other endeavors!

Hilina Abebe

She is one inspirational young lady with a kind and caring heart and an ambition to make a difference. Born and raised in Debre Zeit, Hilina grew up to study Journalism and Communications in Bahir Dar University. She says that this experience allowed her to broaden her horizon but it was only later on that she got the chance to study her Master’s degree in the field she was truly passionate about, Social work.

Hilina decided to join DoW because she believed in giving back to the community and always wanted to volunteer for a good cause. Meeting Hermella Wondimu, Co-founder and General Manager of Drop of Water, inspired her and opened her eyes to how important strong determination of people is in making a change. What interested her even more is that the DoW was started as a local initiative by young Ethiopians with a vision.

Hilina’s Journey with us:
• The first project Hilina took part in was travelling to Tigray in 2013, with the DoW team to see the work that is being done on the ground.
• One of the first few water wells was inaugurated and it moved her to see the response from the community who received clean water for the first time.
• Hilina’s role was to document people’s reactions and feelings about what clean water means to them through images and personal stories.

She helped us capture precious moments that we in turn share with the rest of the world so that they may see the work that is being done and how it is impacting lives.

We want to truly thank Hilina for the work that she has done in helping DoW. Your spirit and passion motivates us to go even further and we are proud to have you on the team!

Leul Dereje

He was born and raised here in Addis Ababa around Piassa, the heart of the city. He says that he is passionate about anything that could change anyone’s life for the better and he truly enjoys technology, community services and society related projects. He started pursuing his calling at an early age of 9 by participating in awareness creation project about HIV AIDS with Abebech Gobena NGO. Currently he is a graduate of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Mekelle University.

Leul says, ‘I was interested in DoW’s mission because I saw a very bright future in changing our society’s day to day life for the better.’ His vibrant energy kept the Mekelle University students constantly committed and driven to make a change. That is why he was elected to be the President of Drop of Water for two consecutive years in a row. During his stay there, he lead the team, recruited members, organized events, created awareness and brought an overall positive motivation to the whole DoW team.

From his experience, Leul said that he learned the true meaning of being a human, which was being there for those in need, finding happiness in it and never giving up on life. He hopes that DoW will grow more from where it is and change millions of lives around the world. He says ‘We should all join together and be the change we want to see in this world starting from crushing our society’s thirst!’

Anyone who knows Leul will testify what a kindhearted person he is. His hard work, positive energy and warm smile is contagious. It is such an honor to have him as a core member of Drop of Water still working hard to make a change and we thank him very much for his immense contribution!

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