Volunteer Oppurtunities

DoW seeks to recruit volunteers from around the world to support its Fundraising and/or Media and Communication activities. If you are interested in supporting the most vulnerable with your expertise, please contact us at info@dow-dropofwater.org. Pease indicate your area of expertise, interest, and what you would like to achieve during your time at DoW.

International applicants 

Facts about Ethiopia

1)    In square kilometers Ethiopia is as big as France and Spain combined

2)     Addis Ababa (2400 meters above sea level), the capital city of Ethiopia is the diplomatic capital of Africa.

3)    Ethiopia as a multi ethnic state is often known as a mosaic of language and culture: more than 83 languages and 200 dialects are spoken throughout the country.

4)    Population in 2014 is estimated at 85 million

5)    56 million lack safe drinking water

6)    Infant mortality rate is 6%

7)    67 million people does not have adequate sanitation services


International volunteers are placed for a minimum of one month, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

Volunteer Costs

Due to our limited funding, volunteers are required to cover for their travelling and accommodation costs. DoW provides office space and other non-monetary assistance required to implement a project/event.

Local Applicants

DoW works closely with local University students promoting sanitation and clean drinking water projects. If you currently are a University student in Ethiopia, please register for DoW membership and participate in our student events.

Current DoW Branches

DoW Mekelle University

DoW Hawassa University

Prospective Offices (To be opened in the near future)

DoW Bahir Dar University

DoW Haramaya University

DoW Jimma University