Water Safety Planning

In partnership with WHO (World Health Organization), Drop of Water promotes water safety planning (WSP) in rural areas where there is a high shortage of clean drinking water.

This project puts water safety planning in the context of small community water supplies and provides a step-by-step approach for those charged with dealing with the everyday realities of maintaining a reliable, safe water supply. It addresses members of small communities themselves, in addition to those supporting them in their endeavors to bring safe and clean water collectively to millions of people with the objective of:


  • Understanding the existing water supply system and the KAP(Knowledge Attitude Practice) of the target community with respect to WSP and implementation.
  • To develop  and implement WSP in SCWS in Hentalo Wajerate  Woreda of the Tigray Regional State, through full involvement and participations of the community, government and REST.
  • To develop and document lessons in a systematic and scientific method that can be utilized for scale-up in the country